Monday, March 17, 2008

I have entered my Ubuntu period

I have installed Ubuntu on all of my machines. I installed 7.10, first. Now I have been running hardy heron, 8.04, for a month or so on two machines, my main (home) machine, and my main school machine. A laptop and a newer dual core intel machine at school are running 7.10, and the latter is dual booting with Windoze XP because I need to use Windoze for school official business (a perfect BANE). On the laptop I am running VMWare with windoze XP, for school business.

More later on this. A few remarks are pertinent, however:

Ubuntu is easy. Maintaining several gentoo machines can be a bore and a drudge. My original wants for Gentoo were to learn GNU/Linux better, and to achieve better stability after so long of a time with unstable (in real terms) debian based systems. Ubuntu is a debian based system, and nowadays, it works. The test package was avidemux and other video programs. In the old days, complicated programs were complicated to keep running, complicated with lots of problems. This program and others are running out of the box, with few glitches at all. The constant upgrade knots that I had twith Debian, Knoppix, and actually Ubuntu of old (a year and more ago) are not a serious problem, although I have had to intervene once or twice. And now VMWare: was I dreaming? It installed with a single "apt-get install vmware-server", a few tweaks per a well-written howto, including a simple XP install.

The install was still tricky, in terms of getting the particions right. I have been preserving the /home partition with home directories for years, through Knoppix, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, etc. Ubuntu works ok for this but requires a methodical and careful intervention at install time.

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